Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Abstract Art Watercolor - In The Sky
Herman for Julia Kay's Portrait Party 16/04/10
I always thought I hated watercolor until my color theory teacher made me buy a set of gouache and forced me to use it for an entire semester. It was temperamental and difficult to use. I could never quite get the right consistency until after weeks of practice. I painted endless color swatches that were supposed to be as smooth and seamless as the swatches you pick up from the paint section of the hardware store. I hated her for it. But I slowly started loving the medium. After the weeks of paint swatches, when we finally got to use it in still lifes, it actually seemed very forgiving. When class was over I found it kind of zen to watch where the water bled to see what I could vaguely make out of the mess of water-stained chaos soaking into the thick textured sheets of paper. Defining the shapes or buildings or faces that I watched emerge in rapidograph ink.
These artists above make me want to break out my set again.


briannelee said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love the last one.

Aura said...

Watercolor and fine tipped sharpee's were my medium of choice back in my creative days :)

Sini said...

These are really great ones! I haven't ever been really artistic, so I don't know how to really draw or paint at all ;)

angelarenai said...

I know these pieces are so inspiring!

Aura: I still have a box filled with fine tipped sharpies and prismacolor markers. I always feel guilty when I realize how long its been since I had to use them. Going to try to start that up again a little. It is a great release.

Angel said...

Very good works :)

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