Monday, August 31, 2009

Garage Sale. 47th and Military.

So now an update about the garage sale I mentioned in the previous post. Cassie and the other gals didn't get to come after all, but I decided to go anyway and hang with Christine and her husband. They have only been married for two months and just bought a house. The house came with a bunch of extra stuff from the previous owner, so they decided to clear out some clutter with a garage sale. And I was there because, well, I have packrat tendencies and needed to get rid of stuff asap!

A mix of both our stuff.

My bins complete with homemade silly signs. ;)

I brought the Andre and they provided the orange juice. 

Some of Christine's things. Stuff left from previous owners of the house mixed with leftovers from their wedding. 

I loved these ladies. They stopped by 3 times! That black and white striped top she is wearing is one of the ones she bought from me. So cute on her. She was wearing it with little black leggings. They were so fun I just had to get a pic. 

Then it was time for a nerdy strategy game in the front lawn on a blanket. Also. Notice the color of their house. They chose it. Isn't it BRAVE and ADORABLE? I loved it. 

I actually started winning there for a little while. 

Blush andre with pom juice. So yummy! Owl necklace compliments of my grandma.

I kept making jokes about this game being nerdy but it was actually really fun!

I really loved this photo of them. Maybe it's the candidness. 

I made about 30 bucks overall but it was more about the fun. But I did have some stuff left over so I am thinking I am going to have another sale next weekend and invite the gals who couldn't make it. We will see. 


Friday, August 28, 2009

Gratitude Days.

I have been inspired by the gal over at Creative Structures today. She does a post every friday to reflect on all of the things she is grateful for. I love the idea. So I am going to give it a go as well. Every Friday. Granted, it is pretty easy to be grateful on a Friday, the end of the workweek, maybe once I get good at it then I can move it to Monday. Ha!

Well, to begin this little friday tradition, let me get started by saying I am most grateful for the women in my life.

(Me and my best friend, Cary. Photographer, teacher, nanny, laughuntilyousnort funny, and an alwaysbethereforyou kind of  friend.)

I seriously have the most beautiful, talented, unique, badass, smart, amazing, knockout, independent, creative, motivated, bright, entrepreneurial, blowyourmindgorgeous gals in my life ever.

(Cassie. Event planner, crafter, PR and Marketing  for Catholic Charities, always has great advice and insight. And also from my hometown of Ponca City.)

I am saying this as I am pricing items for a garage sale that I am having with 4 ladyfriends tomorrow in Cassie's front yard. Mimosas and money making shall be abound. :)

(Chenoa, Hairstylist, wakeskater, and Anthropology graduate from OU, and overall a badass person)

Although some of them I don't get to see as often anymore, I know that once we get together, our friendship always picks up right back where it left off, as if no time has passed at all. That's when you know you've got a real friend on your hands.  

(Christa, artist, designer, crafternooner, etsy store owner, inappropriatejokemaker, thrifter, catlover, and handywoman extraordinaire)

its also great to have girlfriends who you can call up about how to fill in your eyebrows correctly, how to re-dye your faded out jeans, or what bit to use on the drill you just bought in order to hang something. all wrapped up in one girlfriend. Her name is Christa. 

(My Aunt Annie, amazing event planner, decorator, mother, wife, grandmother, fashionista and buyer for Michael Kors)

Last but not least I am grateful for the women in my family. My brother's wife is one of the busiest and most amazing mothers I have ever seen. My Aunt Carolyn just finished up going back to school for nursing and is job hunting right now and did that whilst being sooo busy with a million other things. And my Aunt Annie, while she lived in germany most of my childhood, again sent me more vintage photographs of my parents today and never ceases to let me know she is thinking of me somehow. My Aunts and other women in my family make me feel so loved and appreciated and if you know me really well then you know why that is so special for me. 

So. That is my grand start to being thankful every Friday. I look forward to doing this again next week. I am also grateful to Creative Structures for giving me inspiration for doing this. 


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saturday Thrifting. The details.

Ok so I did manage to lug my camera to the thrift store that day. It was just quicker to do iphone pics yesterday. Also I didnt get a ton of shots in the store because lets face it, who wants to wip out a Nikon D80 in the middle of a thrift store? But I managed to quietly snap a few. 

So here is the update. I'm not sure if anyone out in blogland really cares what the heck I found at the thrift store. But I guess for those folks who never go, it might be eye opening? here goes. 

clothes + people
My first stop was family thrift on 23rd street. All the proceeds of this store goes to Children's Miracle Network. Whenever I donate my stuff to a thrift store, I try to go here. The people are really nice and it feels good knowing that the whole $2 they get for all my stuff will at least go someplace that helps kids. 

Random stuff there. 

family thrift

family thrift
Mid-century modern dresser I swooned over. Yes, that is a mother feeding her child in that mirror. I was too busy drooling over this to even notice. And I call myself detail oriented. haha.

unique thrift.
Then it was on to Unique Thrift. Ever since I moved to Oklahoma City this has been one of my favorite places to go. Maybe it is just the name but it really does seem like I find more unique, cooky things here. I didnt take anymore pictures inside of here though because I was too busy getting my shop on. But I did take some pictures of my finds last night in the comfort of my bedroom. Here goes. 

knee high vintage boots
The details on the knee high vintage boots I found. I am in love with these. 

Vintage 80s red slouchy boots. 

printed oversized knit.
printed oversized knit. Belted with tights and boots this will be fun. Gah. I can't wait for fall. 

vintage dress
mod dress with built in shorts underneath. no idea where in the heck i would ever wear this but i had to have it. It looked so cute on.

vintage top
vintage top
Vintage sheer ruffled top. 

thrift top
printed top with low neck. 

Christa@ Pho Thai Nguyen
Then it was to Pho Thai Nguyen to fill our tired bellys. 


Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday Thrifting.

I have hundreds of photos I havent uploaded yet. I'm a bad blogger. 

Anyway. I figured I would upload some shots from my iphone of my saturday thrifting trip. I find thrift store shopping so therapeutic. Even if I dont end up buying anything, I love to go look at the old scratched up mid century furniture, big ugly sweaters, various outdated electronics, the people, kitschy coffee mugs, grandma decorations, bizarre framed photographs of dogs dressed in costumes, etc. You never know what you are going to find there to gawk at. Sometimes it isn't even about what you find, it's just the process of finding it that is fun. 

But my favorite part of all is stumbling upon gems there. 
I completely fell in love with these boots. Ill post up soon the details on them cause they were such a good find. $12

new boots
red slouchy ankle boots. $8

denim janes.
Then of course we found matching outfits to hit the town in. Ok not really. This was more a gawking moment more than anything. That is another thing. Who you bring with you to thrift store shop is really a key ingredient. Bring someone with you that has no sense of humor or adventure and you could really end up miserable. I luv muh frins. Christa is now one of my new fav thrifting buddies. 

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