Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Uh oh...

Modern MoroccanMoroccan Interior

So I think I am starting to miss Morocco lately. It started becoming obvious to me when I saw it start to creep it's way into my inspiration folder. First in subtle ways and then later in more blatantly obvious photos being dragged into my folder I keep full of endless beautiful interiors. I have noticed they are starting to drift away from being purely American Mid-Century Modern to having bits of ethnic patterns and ornate lines finding their way in.

I guess it's true that travel does change us a bit and broadens our views of what we find beautiful or inspiring wether we like it or not. You can try to come back the same person and hold on to your old ideas with all your might but it you will find its a pointless effort. You are indeed changed. I think this goes for many life experiences but especially for seeing a part of the world that is so different from your own.

Or maybe this is all just a sign from the universe that I need a vacation...
Is it thanksgiving yet?



And Kathleen said...

That is my dream couch! (top left)

I love midcentury modern but I've also love an eclectic mix of textiles from around the world. I've been trying to find a way to marry the two - you know, opposites attract and whatnot. :)

Aura said...

I have some pictures I think you would love. I think I told you that before, and still never showed you.

angelarenai said...

Kathleen- The two styles can and MUST be married! :) I loovvvee that couch too. I like how it still has clean lines but gets an eclectic feel from the patterns used.

Aura- I am still dying to see those pictures! We need to get together sometime and drool over interior design folders. I have a feeling with your Iranian background you have some amazing things saved.

briannelee said...

I love all of the bright colors. Def perfect for this time of year when everything seems kind-of drab.

Sini said...

I'm sure people change when they travel and see the world. Everyone back home is telling me every time we see how much I have changed (to even better) while living in another country. Our city is mixed with french, moroccons and algerians and it's indeed different for me who comes from north. And I love it :)

I love these pictures, specially the ambiance in the second last one!

angelarenai said...

Brianne - looking at these photos is definitely an antidepressant. :)
Sini- I know I was changed just by visiting another country let alone living in one. That must be a great experience. There are many Moroccans and Algerians in France! Even my boyfriends sister is studying in Paris. :) That photo is one of my favorites as well.


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