Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Sahara.

The Sahara
The SaharaThe SaharaThe Sahara.The Sahara.The Sahara.

Some entries don't need words.



Aura said...

You're right, this didn't need words at all. So, so amazing. The shadow picture and the one of you two sitting in the sand are beautiful. Please frame these.

angelarenai said...

Thanks Aura!! That experience was by far my favorite part of Morocco. I have so many pictures from it I didnt know where to start but these were a few of my favorites. I may post more later. And these are definitely going to be framed.


Sini said...

Amazing photos! No words needed like you said, these are breath taking.

Angel said...

Very, very good photos, like it very much :)

angelarenai said...

Thank you so much Sini and Angel! :)

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