Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OCU Undergraduate Viewbook.

Viewbook CoverTable of ContentsDreamers & Doers
Arts & Sciences
Dance SchoolMusic School
Theatre SchoolOklahoma City

Hey guys just wanted to share a few of my favorite spreads from a recent job I did for
the university.
These are from a 32 page viewbook I did this summer, one of about 6 pieces I redesigned for Undergraduate Admissions. The idea was to give a colorful update that made sense as an evolution from the gorgeous pieces 3rd Degree Advertising did for us 2 years ago.
3rd Degree was definitely a tough act to follow as they won Gold Addys for the pieces, but as a cost saving measure we had to bring them in-house on this round. I gave many nods to the old design while adding splashes of color and photos as a change or evolution.
Redoing this series of publications was definitely one of the bigger challenges I have had in my career as a designer so far and I am so glad it finished well and that my clients
seem pleased.


ps. That handsome fellow in the upper right of the dreamers & doers spread is my beau.


Aura said...

This looks great, you did a wonderful job. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone into some sort of design because I get such a design boner for well placed photo spreads and type.

And Kathleen said...

This was one of my all time favorite pieces to design. I love the update - great job. My favorite part is where the color of the Arts and Sciences cutout comes through.

Sini said...

Great work! It makes me want to apply for this kind of school, it's a hit.

Aura said...

I found this blog and I thought you'd like it:

angelarenai said...

Aura- You are involved in design! Ive seen your blog girl you are great! Also: I have read that blog before I LOOVVVEEE it. So great.
Kathleen- Girl you are a tough act to follow! I am SO GLAD you like the update I really tried hard to do it justice. (and the arts and sciences cutout is one of my favorites as well)
Sini- Apply here! Although I can't say Oklahoma is quite as beautiful as where you live in france, your pictures are overwhelmingly beautiful.

Angel said...

Very, very good job :)

Jeanelle said...

amazing work Angela, love the big font :)

angelarenai said...

Thanks Angel! I havent seen you here before, welcome and thanks for reading!

Jeanelle, Thank you so much that is a big compliment coming from you! You were definitely someone I looked up to when we were both in design school. :)


Anonymous said...

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