Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday Storm

(Photo by ~ Paige ~)

Living in Oklahoma, I am pretty used to extreme weather. But I had never seen anything like sunday. Only a couple of hours after the sky was sunny, the entire OKC area became under attack by golfball and baseball size hail. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Cars were demolished (no really, demolished). Runners became covered in welts and bruises while trying to protect their heads from falling baseballs. And homeowners that just put a new roof on their house after the last storm, had to face the reality that they must call their insurance company once again.

So my fellow okies, I guess this means spring is here.

In other news, I have a hugeeee deadline lurking around the corner very soon. So my posts this week might be a little sporadic. I attended a wonderful home cooked Iranian dinner friday night and plan to post pictures of that. But... until I get a spare moment, I will be working around the clock at getting many projects done. But dont think I wont be taking a breather to stop by a couple of favorite blogs to check out the new stuff. :)

So, have a great week everyone If I dont get to post before the weekend.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Recent-ish Thrifting Scores

Recent-ish thrifting finds.

I have had this photo sitting on my desktop for a while now and I realized I never blogged about my luckiest thrifting trip of all. :)

Clockwise from the upper left:
UNWORN brown maryjane VERA WANG heels (best. score. ever.)
Nikon mug :)
Danish style saucepan
Colorful vintage tulip bag
Brown leather breifcase-ish vintage bag
Wooden leaf bracelet
Brown brazilian leather wedge sandals
Unworn black Nine West flats

That was one of my best thrifting days to say the least. I haven't gone thrifting in a while since then because I've been so busy, and my funds have been tied up with other things. But I would like to go again soon. I miss sharing my finds with everyone.

What has been your best/favorite thrifting find?


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Desktop Cleanup - Marrakech Inspiration



Lately I have been searching for images to see what I can expect photography wise in Morocco. These were a few of my favorites. Let's hope I can capture a few images a fraction as beautiful as these.

Expect more desktop cleanups in the future. :)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breakfast and 4day Workweeks.

(Photo by Click.Capture)

I never eat breakfast. But now that we are having 7:30-6 days at work it seems like I have been having to force myself to. I have a giant coffee mug that I fill with cooked oatmeal, butter, tons of cinnamon sugar, and almond milk. It has been staving me off until lunch pretty well so far.

I am just hoping that these long days will be worth it once the 3 day weekend rolls around. I already have dreams of laying out in my backyard on fridays with sugary lemony boozy drinks and a book. But all these tornadoes and cloudy oklahoma days are ruining the enjoyment of my spring as of late. Perhaps I should do things around my house this friday that I have been putting off? Nah... I'll probably just take advantage of the cloudyness with a long friday nap.

What do you guys do on long cloudy days?


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not always clean. Not always girly.

Campaign for the NAIA National Wrestling Championships held at Oklahoma City University

I would say that most of the time my creative work is unapologetically clean, and unapologetically feminine. But this was a project that really forced me to grow in a different direction, so I thought I would share. For this project my concept was a fight club. I wanted it to reflect the blood, sweat and tears it takes to achieve athletic victory, especially in the case of wrestling.

Have you guys ever had any projects, work or otherwise, that really forced you to step outside of your comfort zone?


Monday, May 10, 2010

Yes. I design things.

Front Cover
First spread
Second spread
Financial Aid
Center spread
Back cover

Hello all. I have finally mustered up the nerve to post some of my design work, what I am most shy about. Here is a piece I did last year. I posted the cover on here a few months back but didnt want to post the rest for all to see. But now that I have finally gotten over a little bit of my stage fright about my work, I am happy to share this with you.

Pretty Foiling.
3 color foil. Deckle edge. 16 page mini view book for The School of Visual Arts located at Oklahoma City University.

For some reason, I never hesitate to share my photography work. But when it comes to design it has always been this thing that I am so picky and passionate about that it leads me to be shy about my own work. It is strange, most people that have become familiar with my blog just assume that I am a photographer, when it isn't even my full time gig!

Well hopefully there will be many more design posts to follow this one. Taking pictures isn't the only thing I am obsessed with, ya know. ;)


What I found in my mailbox.



(Morocco is next.)

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