Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2011 Calendar Hunting

Neutra CalendarLetterpress CalendarCalendarIn season Calendar

This year it has been soooo hard for me to choose a new calendar. Being a bit of a design/photography nut I tend to get really excited when picking out my new calendar for the year. What would I like to use to count my days away?

a. Graph Paper Neutra Calendar by Oven-Door-Owl? I seem to like the gray and white neutral one, don't you?
b. Gorgeous letterpress calendar with animal illustrations by INK+WIT?
c. Beautifully designed decorative calendar by Beau Ideal?
d. Orrrr would I like the illustrated in-season vegetable calendar by Sia Design? Swoooon.

There are too many talented artists to choose from!

Which one do you guys like?


Ps. Last year I had the 2010 version of This Andrew Zuckerman Calendar. Loved it.


Sini said...

These all are really nice ones, I would prefer still the third one! I have been looking for this kind of calendars too, but I should order these from internet as I can't find anything cool from our small village stores ;)

Jeanelle said...

love your picks Angela, check out this blog:

She does several calendar round-ups of similar calendars, but first get a napkin, you might drool seeing so many lovely calendar picks :)

Thanks for the comment, loving those spanish cards, gotta have some now :)

angelarenai said...

I think I am leaning towards getting both the first and third one. :)

Jeanelle. I love that site! I dont know why I didnt look there lately when hunting down a calendar. Thanks for reminding!

Those cards are so cute and I thought of you immediately. They are done by the same gal that did the third calendar.


briannelee said...

I love the animal one. So cute!!!!!

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