Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vintage Window Shopping

Sunday I went to a little place in Bethany, Oklahoma called "The Rink" It is a HUGE Anitique mall/vintage store that used to be a hockey rink... but is now taken over by vintage/antique enthusiasts and the dreams of addicts like me. 

Since I have been working on purging things from my place though, it was SO HARD not to buy anything. But I made a pact with myself.........which I soon broke by purchasing two postcards and a vintage scarf. BUT HEY! I didn't lug home a piece of furniture so.. progress!

Anyway...Here are a few of the things I was drooling over but decided not to buy *tear. 
Sorry for the iPhone quality pics. I didn't bring my camera that day but then once I got there I decided I couldn't go without snapping a few low quality pics. 

Mid-Century Vanity
Mid-Century Modern Vanity. Swwwooonnnn.

Mid Century side table
Mid-Century Modern side table. 

Cute modern vases MCM tea set
Vintage housewares.

Adorable tin. MCM little bowls
Adorable Mid-century tins and bowls.

Cute pitchers Pitcher and cup set
Pitcher/cup sets

Awesome Mid Century Chair
Annddd The most painful find of the day. $45 perfect condition white leather Mid-Century Modern Chair. This thing is going to haunt my dreams. So cute. Chairs are my weakness.

You guys ever go thrifting and just... look? It was almost impossible for me. Find any good stuff? Let me live vicariously through your thrifting! :)



briannelee said...

It is really hard for me just to look when I go shopping. I usually end up with a little something ;)

I wish I could visit the ice rink/antique mall!

Aura said...

I've never successfully gone and just looked! Especially places like junk/thrift/antique stores where everything is so cheap. I always come home with some sort of little trinket.

angelarenai said...

Yeah I ended up with a couple vintage postcards and a scarf. But it was so hard not to take home that chair or the side table.. SO HARD. haha.

Dissident Gene said...

You haaaaaaave to check this out:


angelarenai said...

Yes I saw that! I know liz!

Dissident Gene said...

Also this:


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