Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day.


DSC_1165E DSC_1129E


DSC_1142E DSC_1138E


DSC_1137E DSC_1153E


Pics from yesterday. ;) The boredom in my house was too much and we decided to get out and take some pictures. Didn't take long before we were right back in the house and making another pot of coffee, though.

But man, snow produces some pretty flattering lighting. Gonna have to take advantage of this a little more.

Happy snow day!



Shayla shut your eyes said...

i BELIEVE.. i remember reading that she uses oil paints.. don't hold me to that completely.. but i'm pretty positive.

angelarenai said...
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angelarenai said...

Hey there Shayla! Thanks for the info. Her work is so detailed!

Aura said...

These are so pretty, I love the lighting. Snow days make for the best natural light. I'm so scared to take my camera out in the cold, though!

angelarenai said...

I made sure to keep my camera around my neck and only walk on snow where there was traction. then basically kept putting it back inside my coat every time i snapped a pic. But yeah I started getting worried about my camera pretty quickly and ran back inside after not long.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Love that green coat! so cute..

my little apartment said...


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