Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inspiration - Jessica Hische

Wanted to share one of my favorite Graphic Designers with you guys. 

Since I first saw her work, she immediately made me feel validated as a "girly designer".
Her work is imaginative, vintage inspired....

You've got the spirit
...ornate, detailed, quirky....

Say it with flowers
...and unapologetically feminine whilst being badass all at the same time. 

Daily Drop Cap
She is even disciplined enough to have a blog featuring a beautifully detailed design of a drop cap. Every day. Designed just to beautify the blogosphere. 

Makes me want to buy a beautiful letter pressed one just for my bedroom. 

Find her websites here:

Who inspires you lately?



Aura said...

I was JUST looking at her stuff the other day!! I'm not a graphic designer, so she melted my heart, but not as much in an inspirational way. I am inspired by the fabric girls.

Amy Butler
Heather Bailey.

briannelee said...

So pretty! I love the flower print.

Hmmmm, I am not sure if anyone in particular is inspiring me lately, but I always love find new artwork on Etsy.

angelarenai said...

Oh wow those sites are adorable aura! I'll have to check them out further. I am really wanting a friend of mine to teach me how to sew and ive been looking for cute fabric.

Etsy is endlessly inpsiring to me too bri!

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