Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It starts in 5 mins! Can't wait!

My plans for the holiday:
Hang out with friends
Make some cupcakes
Drink lots of coffees
Visit the family in Bartlesville
Maybe paint a little
Work on putting my place together some more
Deliver these wedding invites I just finished
Blog a lil'
Austin, TX or Flaming Lips show for New years

What are your holiday plans?



Aura said...

You sound like me on Saturday, after I swept up hair for the last time for 9 days. I was so excited!
My list is family, sleeping, cleaning, listening to music, making presents, staying up late, drinking hot chocolate, and seeing old friends.

Have a great vacation!

angelarenai said...

oohhh staying up late is a good one. Def should have been on my list. ;)

Aura said...

I'm so guilty of my night owl ways. I hate going to bed before 2 in the morning.

I use http://www.statcounter.com/ to keep track of hits. It will tell you where people are coming from, how long they're there, etc. It's neat. Except like five times I've been linked somewhere on a random forum or post that I can't look at because they're protected, and then I obsess over what was said. haha
I got like 200 hits in one day from this girls Twitter, but it was private.

angelarenai said...

Awesome! Thank you!

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

I'm jealous!

I'm going to join this comment conversation...

I just installed Google Analytics on my blog to get a good idea of how many hits I'm getting and where traffic is coming from, how long people are staying on my site, etc. You can't really rely on just followers or RSS subscribers to track everything. Anyways, I'm doing it because I'm considering MAYBE, possibly, selling ad space on the blog. My account executive friend is kind of running the show for me as far as that goes - in exchange for photoshop retouchings. Ha!

briannelee said...

Have a great holiday!

I am off to Michigan to spend time w/ the fiance's fam.

angelarenai said...

Oh yeah a few friends told me to try Google Analytics but I was afraid it was gonna be too complicated. You think its good for a beginner like me? Anyway I heard it was the one to do for business purposes. So I suppose that would be good for ad space as well. Oh and lucky duck about the account exec! I love working in trade. ;)

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