Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reading Corner turned Christmas Corner.

Remember that reading corner I showed you in the previous post? It has now been the home of my new xmas tree here for a while now. 

I got the LAST white xmas tree at a Kohl's Black Friday sale marked down to $15 bucks. :) (originally priced $50) 

New Tree + Special Ornaments

A few people have brought that to my attention that this photo makes my tree look HUGE. So I need to point out that this tree is only 4 feet. It's my lil babytree. 

The thing that makes this tree so special to me is that my grandfather, who is now in his mid-eighties, allowed me to inherit my grandmother's beautiful christmas ornaments this year. So based on when my grandparents were married, had children, and when my grandmother would have bought these; I am guessing these ornaments are from the 50s or 60s. Plus the look of them would tell me no different. 

I've always hated Christmas for as long as I can remember working retail (since I was about 16 until just about a year and a half ago). Now that I actually have time off from work to enjoy family, giving gifts to the kiddos, and not having to fight off rude customers blaming me for ruining their christmas (because they waited until christmas eve to shop).... now Christmas is slowly starting to grow on me. 



Rob said...

Beautiful. Those pictures are getting me in the spirit. Just a little. I've been struggling to feel it this year. Thanks for sharing.

briannelee said...

So pretty! I love it!!!!

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