Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Thrifting Finds.

Man this weekend was a blast. Went to an awesome Christmas party last night and Chenoa and I had a lil sleepover. Woke up this morning and made some breakfast, listened to some tunes, and then we decided we wanted to go thrifting.Mid-Century Table
Best find of the day. A little Mid Century Table. Got it at Community Thrift for $15. Love.

Vintage Tree Print Vintage Bag
Died when I found this print. I have a few other very similar prints. And if you know me you know I love "tree stuff" • Beautiful cream and gold vintage bag. with long shoulder strap.

Vanity Tray Flower Dish
Vanity tray. Been searching for one for a while and couldnt find one I really liked until today. • Pretty dish I found that I thought would be perfect for holding all my spare change laying around my house.

Silver Tree Textured Candle Thrift Throw
More "tree stuff". ;) Silver candle with tree bark texture. A great find for me. • Cute throw I found that perfectly matched my stuff. Bluegreen and Taupy color.

Dunkin' Mug The Big One!
This was a hilarious find because I had been getting crap from my friends this weekend for my love of cheap Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Sorry frins but I think it tastes better than Starbucks charred roast. Anyway this was a perfect find to end a weekend. Love the cute 1970s style mug.

Pretty Tins Pressed Flowers
The little box was the new find. Bought it because it perfectly matched two other tins I had. I think it's going to hold recipes or tea. The taller one is currently being used for coffee filters. • Pressed flower decoration. If you havent noticed, I love having little elements of nature around my place.

Geisha Wine Cover
Last but not least. This wasnt a thrifting find, but a housewarming gift from my friend Chenoa. A bottle of Fat Bastard Merlot with a cute little Kimono style holder. Loveeee it. :)



briannelee said...

Hahahahahaha, I love that your wine bottle has a dress ;)

Great finds!!!! The tins are super cute and I love that table you found.

angelarenai said...

Thanks! Yeah those are my two favorite finds for sure.

Rob said...

It may just be because of how well they photograph, but I love the random little box and tin with the flowers on them. And that Dunkin' Donuts mug is awesome. If you ever see another one of those out there, grab it for me. You can never have enough items with the words "The Big One!" on them.

mart and lu said...

i love your couch and i love the table. wow these are great finds. i love vintage shopping. it makes me happy!

PV Wallace said...

I'm glad you found some stuff at one of my stores! Which other thrifts do you check out?

angelarenai said...

First of all thanks to everyone for commenting! This is a fairly new blog so I appreciate all the feedback!

PV. You are very welcome, I love bargain thrift! The other stores we hit up was Unique Thrift and Commmunity Thrift. I also frequent Ultimate Thrift. I cant remember the name of it, but there is another on 23rd that is a charity for Children's Miracle Network that I go to.

I found the mug, the tin, and the vanity tray at your store yesterday.
The table, throw, purse, and pressed flower decoration was from Community.
And the print, dish, and candle were from Unique.


Erin said...

This is why I can't wait to move... Here, the best finds you can really get are kitten sweatshirts. And you KNOW how fond of those I am.... Yeah.

Anyway, I'm with you on the Dunkin Donuts coffee. I'll drink Starbucks if it's all there is, but honestly, I love diner coffee. (Speaking of, did you know that Cornerstone closed?! So sad!)

my little apartment said...

hey, I have that taller, round tin! mine has a handle and sometimes I pack my lunch in it. or fill it with homemade cookies and take it to girl's night with a bottle of champagne. you scored!

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