Friday, November 20, 2009

Vintage Video Friday! - Joni Mitchell sings California.

Last night I took a bubble bath in my new place and listened to the entire album "Blue".

Hello all! I am backk! So happy to be in my new place and starting to get it all set up. Such a relief. Can't even tell you. No more lousy upstairs neighbors. No repairs to worry about. No flakey landlord. Sigh. of. relief. 

So the moving process was such a whirlwind I didnt get to take any pics of my new place all empty. But as I get decorating going I will be taking photos and it would be lovely to get some opinions on what I should do. I have already unpacked the kitchen and the bathroom and gotten the living room started on being arranged. But my living room is kind of an awkward shape so i need help with how i should arrange it. But one thing is obvious already. The dreaded realization....

I must get rid of some stuff... (noooo!)

Next week at work we were given wed-friday off and i decided that monday and tuesday I am taking a couple of vacation days in order to unpack and get some mores stuff set up. It will be lovveellyyyy. And this weekend may be dedicated to going estate sale shopping for smaller versions of the things I must get rid of. :( Like my vanity. Small desk in exchange for full on vanity? Smaller Dining room table? Maybe. MAYBE.

Well I must go now. Have a very happy pre-Thanksgiving Friday! 

1 comment:

briannelee said...

Lovely song!

I hope you have a wonderful week off! Can't wait to see pics of your new place :)

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