Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog Award!

I have been nominated by Brianne over at BrianneLee for a Kreativ blog award! Thanks Brianne! Brianne has a really cool thrifting/fashion/shopping blog, you guys have to check it out. I think I may have been nominated for this by another blogger at one point but don't really remember and I don't think I actually tagged anyone in a blog entry or anything so here goes:

The drill:

1. Remember to thank the person who nominated you! (and link them from your blog)

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. State seven things about yourself that most people don't know. 

4. Nominate 7 other Kreativ bloggers. (and link to them too!)

5. Leave a comment on each of the lucky duckies blogs letting them know. 

7 things about me:

1. I love thrift store, junk store, estate sale, garage sale, and antique shopping. Finding things that no one else has and making them my own is one of my favorite things in life. Things that are new make me yawn. Things from the 60s make me swoon. 

2. I dont have cable. I have a small television that is strictly a "movie watching machine". 

3. I speak a some french and want to learn more. I also really love french pop music from the 60s. 

4. I have an obsession with socks and tights. Especially printed ones. I have them in all patterns and prints. I got more argyle than you could shake a stick at. I do have a hard time finding outfits i could wear them all with though. I guess i just like to have them there just in case? haha. 

5. I grind my teeth at night. :(

6. I am a collector of things that borders on packrat. If I see a picture, postcard, a quote, a book, etc, that really speaks to me then I will collect it and keep it until I painfully force myself to part ways with it. My camera has made this easier on me. It is a little easier gain inspiration from the objects without owning them when you have a picture to draw from. 

7. When I was 9 I wrote, illustrated, and bound my first book after asking my teacher to show me how. This began my love affair with creativity. 

Ok now your turn. I tag:


briannelee said...

I also hate new things. Finding treasures at antique and thrift stores is my fav thing!

L. said...

Hi! I just read your comment-too funny. Another thing we have in common...grinding our teeth at night! I hate it! :)

disa said...
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