Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Fridge Art.
 The fridge is always the first thing I decorate when moving into a new place.
Mine is covered with postcards, pictures, and letters to spell out words.
I love how random yet orderly this one is. 

I've got to apologize for not blogging at all this past week. I have been so busy with working, packing, and getting things ready for my move that I haven't really had much time to gather my thoughts enough to put together a post.

Friday is the day I get the key and can move little things in around the cleaning service. And Saturday is the big moving day! CAN'T WAIT. I will try to post up some pictures of the inside of my place while it is all empty and maybe post some pics as i move in and get all set up.

What do you decorate first in a new place?



briannelee said...

Good luck with the move!!!

I always set up my closet first. I feel better when my clothes are squared away

angelarenai said...


Yeah closet is definitely a first to unpack. that and bathroom stuff. but when it comes to decorating i always love doing the fridge first for some reason. haha.

Erin said...

I've only technically moved once... I've moved out of my parents house (I consider moving, and moving out two different things) and then I moved from my first house to this one. I know that when I redecorate the first thing I do is deal with the surfaces - namely my desk and my entertainment center. My desk ends up cluttered by the end of the week, but I like for it to look nice at first at least. The first thing (after furniture arrangement) I decorated here were my walls. I'm still not done though and we've been here for a year and a half. :(

angelarenai said...

Man it seems like ive moved a zillion times. College will do that to you i guess. Roommates moving out or driving you crazy and you want to move. Now I am hoping to stay put for a while. I HATE moving. But I love moving into a new place.

You should get your girls to help you come up with decorating stuff! I love children's artwork.

Sini said...

I have moved many times, last one was from Finland to France. Normally, I make bedroom first as I love lying at the bed, but in the last move I had only my clothes with me, so I did arrange these. I love moving. And I love how you decorate the fridge, I wish I could do that too but my boyfriend was quicker!

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