Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gratitude Days - Fun Work Projects.

Visual Arts Brochure
Brochure I just got back from the printer. 3 color foil stamped on deckle edge paper. 

Hello to the 3 of you that read this. :) 

Halloween was a blast. Hope everyone had fun!

Anyway, I've been having a kind of weird, stressful past couple days, with preparing for the move and all, so I just wanted to take a minute to be grateful for having a fun job. Especially in this economy. 

I just got my fav project I have worked on so far back from the printer on Friday! A brochure for The School of Visual Arts. A school within the private university I work for. I am grateful because I was given so much creative freedom with it. I am always given quite a bit of freedom, but they really let me go pretty wild with this one. :) So it was super exciting to see the finished product. 

Anyway, I normally try to leave work related things off of my blog but I had so much fun doing this project that I couldn't just keep quiet. Maybe sometime I'll get brave enough to post pictures of the inside and let all you fellow designers out there pick it apart. Haha. 

Have a great day guys. Maybe gratitude will bring me luck and mine will get a little better. :)


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briannelee said...

Being able to do something fun and enjoyable for work is so amazing! I'm just thankful I have a job right now I guess ;)

Cool brochure :)

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