Friday, September 25, 2009

Oklahoma State Fair - Lights at Night - Tuesday

Hey guys. Just coming back to post up some pictures from day 2 of my Okie State Fair adventures. 

Day 2 consisted mostly of night shots. It was really fun experimenting with long shutter speeds and what rides created certain effects.   

But not before snapping a few other pictures before the sun went completely down. :) This adorable little girl was feeding a goat at the petting zoo. Too cute. 

DSC_0307E    DSC_0313E  
I loved the silly lettering on this sign. And of course all the weird carnies offering me darts. 

A man trying to fly.  

DSC_0266E   DSC_0282E
Gatta love the colors in the oklahoma skies.

DSC_0306E   DSC_0324E  
My favorite fair food. By far.  And the ride I will never be going on. Ever.

Aaannndd.. another ride I wont be going on....Pretty cool how the people in this picture stayed somewhat sharp while the rest of the ride got some motion. and how no one looks too alarmed.

DSC_0500E   DSC_0327E
That same ride later that night. And another motion shot of the carousel. I loved how these rides are virtually unrecognizable once you start playing with shutter speed. 

DSC_0351E   DSC_0349E
Wesley and I in front of the spider. 

I loved the effects this ride made with a long shutter speed. 

DSC_0374E    DSC_0369E

DSC_0375E    DSC_0370E
In motion.

The Enterprise. In motion.  


DSC_0435E   DSC_0447E
Wesley's camera with a space ship. And there is The Pharaoh Ship. 

DSC_0254E   DSC_0456E
Early evening vs. night. The green blur is the drop. 

Swings at night. 

Ferris Wheel in motion.  

DSC_0488E   DSC_0489E
Faster. And at a stand still.  

Probably the funniest part of the evening though was when this guy that barely spoke english came up to us and said "You like my baby?" in which we responded by snapping a bunch of pictures. It was just too funny not to post. 



briannelee said...

I love all of these photos! The colors are amazing. I can't go on any of the rides at fairs or amusement parks either. I get nervous and queasy just looking at them.

What is cheese on a stick? Is it fried? I love anything involving cheese...

angelarenai said...

Thank you for looking! And yes i get such bad motion sickness from those rides but man its fun taking pictures of them!

cheese on a stick is yes FRIED. mmmm... it is kind of like a corndog and looks like one but instead of being filled with a hotdog it is filled with cheese. american, cheddar, or jalapeno. and of COURSE i have to get jalapeno! it is my fav food at the state fair. i get it every year. omg.

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

Looooovveee the photos! Except I could've done without the baby. You just bought me another year of birth control. xo!

angelarenai said...

hahaha it was so strange. wes got some really good photos of that guy actually. this was the only one of mine that came out in focus. just the way it happened with the drool and the baby being strapped to his chest and the broken english. just too bizarre and hilarious.

Oh and that actually happened sunday. Apparently I have Alzheimer's and mixed my nights up. haha.

Baby Beatnik said...

Okay - just for the record, The Zipper (the first ride listed that you won't be going on) was the first ever "big kids ride" I rode. At the Blackwell Fair. And I CRIIIIIIIIED. I like it now, but I prefer the squirrel cages.

I really really really like the first ferris wheel in motion pic. That looks so cool. It reminds me of a bunch of toys from the 80's. Like Lite Bright meets Skip It meets Spirograph meets... something else. I don't even know. But it reminds me of all of those things rolled up into one photo of something completely unrelated.

Are there more pics to come? Because these are great!

Cam said...

Great photos of the fair! Love it.

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