Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lestat the Mantis.

While I am wading through pictures that need to be edited, I figured I would blog about my little friend I found in my shoe the other morning.

But the funnier part of this story is that my blogger friend over at JeremyandKathleen blogged about her Mantis friend named Sweettooth, And I had commented on her Flickr photo that I really wanted a Mantis to come visit me too. This was about a month ago. 

So be careful what you wish for, or you might just get a praying Mantis showing up in your shoe one morning. 

It was one of the many weekends where I woke up on my couch after passing out watching a movie on it the night before. When I woke up I looked over at my shoe and was amazed to find this lil guy. I frantically searched for my camera and just had to get some pictures. 

DSC_0859E    DSC_0867E
The one on the left is slightly blurry but I loved the detail on the tail. And the other one made me think of what he would look like if he were 10 feet tall on the top of a building. I know. My imagination goes wild sometimes. (I am just glad they don't really grow that big).

Thats when he posed for me. After seeing that stare from him I decided to name him Lestat (Interview with a Vampire). Because he looked friendly but slightly like he would eat me for dinner if I was small enough. :)

DSC_0876E    DSC_0877E
But, although I was tempted to keep him as a pet, it just didn't seem right. He needed to be set free to devour the bugs on my porch. At first I placed him on the concrete where flies gather, then I thought..there is a reason why they have such lovely camouflage. And I placed him on a leaf. 

He did one last pose for me then was on his way up into the tall bush next to my house. 

Maybe I will be as lucky as Kathleen again and he will come back to see me sometime. :)



briannelee said...

Aw, he is actually kind-of cute... for a bug...

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

I love how they pose for the camera! It's like they know! Definitely keep your eye out for him. I hear they hang around for a while.

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