Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oklahoma State Fair - Day 1 - Sunday

It is that time of year again. The Oklahoma State Fair. As much as I have a love/hate relationship with living in Oklahoma... The state fair is one of the opportunities that I can binge out on our culture here and actually love every minute of it. 

I brought my camera this year and that turned out to be a ton of fun so I decided to come back Tuesday as well. However those haven't been edited yet. So here are my pics from Sunday. 

So I just want to show you guys a few of the sites you may see at the Okie State Fair if you have never been. :)

First thing's first. You must find beer.

DSC_0046E   DSC_0061E
After finding said beer. You must become ready to be a true Okie. By posing like this. 
Then if you have 25 dollars to waste on a old timey photo, do so. If you are like us, then keep the money to spend on fried food and beer. 

If you have even more money to waste, buy pointless ugly figurines. 
Note the sign though. It said there would be a $5 charge for photos. 
I took a photo and walked away just to spite them.


DSC_0068E   DSC_0070E
Find cute baby farm animals to go "Awwweee!" at. :)

What is it with girls and horses? I have to stop and pet them every time. Love them.

DSC_0086E   DSC_0094E
This one had one blue eye and one brown eye. So pretty. 

And of course it is always nice to see other cultures at the State Fair. 


DSC_0106E   DSC_0118E
Rides. And People.

The magic hour.  

DSC_0132E   DSC_0169E
Cute kids. And pirate ships.

DSC_0133E   DSC_0171E


DSC_0194E   DSC_0212E
Bling. And Swings.

Be sure to bring some photographer friends to take photos of you. :) 
This is by Wesley Stringer.

DSC_0211     DSC_0177
Balloons and deep fried Oreos. Mmmm....
(Portraits of me done by Wesley Stringer)

Photos of Day 2 coming on the way. Lights at night. 



briannelee said...

I love all the bright rainbow colors in these shots.

Those candy apples look soooooo good.

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

Aw, I love this post. So many great shots.

Aura said...

We were there on Sunday, too!! I saw that one blue-eye horse, and I am confused as to where the giant slide was. I wanted to take pictures of it, but they moved it on me. I love that picture of you that your friend took, and your hair is pretty ;)

angelarenai said...

Thanks guys!

Hmm the giant slide was near one of the entrances to get to the ride area. But you are right it wasnt in it's usual place. I was sad that i couldnt find the snake woman sign or the one for the smallest woman. I wanted to take pics of those signs cause they are just all around great americana.

and yes Wesley is an amazing photographer! We went to take pics together on tuesday but i ended up taking so many that ive been editing them ever since!!! He is fantastic. If you like those photos you should check out his photoblog in that link (click on his name)


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