Monday, September 14, 2009


Hey guys. Just wanted to do a quick update of some pics that I've had for quite a while but realized I never actually blogged about. 

I was asked to take these pics by my friend Josh Jones of the Evangelicals. His long time hero, Tyson Meade of The Chainsaw Kittens, was visiting Oklahoma from China. Josh has loved The Chainsaw kittens since his childhood and is heavily influenced by Tyson's style. So when he asked me to do some photos of Tyson and Josh as a promo for an acoustic live show they were doing together, I was flattered. 

The show was at a Church in Norman, Ok that was turned into a house (affectionately called "Chouse"). So Josh's idea was for him and Tyson to put on their Sunday best, and for us to shoot at a church somewhere in OKC. So after a little bit of thought, I thought the Old Trinity of Paseo in Oklahoma City's Arts District would be perfect. 

One of my favorites from the day. I loved the colors Tyson chose to wear. 

Flower picked by me. :)

his reaction to "ok now act like you're in high school and you just found out your girlfriend is pregnant". haha.

DSC_0578E     DSC_0615E
I loved his faces. 

DSC_0618E     DSC_0616E
A couple of good individual ones of them.

If you knew how much Josh looks up to Tyson, you would know why its hilarious that this photo looks so much like a wedding shot. haha. 

Chouse Show.
Poster done by Josh Jones. Photo done by me. :)


PS. Yes I took pics at the actual show. Those are yet to be uploaded to my flickr. Post soon on those pics. 


briannelee said...

Cool! That Church is really pretty!

angelarenai said...

Thanks! There is a funny story behind that church. It was actually moved from the new england/northeast area all the way to oklahoma. It served as an art/photography gallery/studio for a while and is now an event center.

Steve M. said...

Really great pictures. I like the color(s) in particular.

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