Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yep. Still designing things.

Arts Brochure Front Cover.First spreadSpread.Closeup.DetailContinuity
1 color foil. 8 page mini view book for the Art Department located in The School of Visual Arts, Oklahoma City University.

You guys may remember This Post and a little later, This Post. Well, to continue getting over my stage fright about showing work, I decided to post up some photos from the second book I designed for the School of Visual Arts. I did this one last year specifically for the Art Department. They wanted something that was in the same vein as the first book but with a little more color and more photos of selected student work. I still am torn to this day about which book I like better, the first or second.

But... I was especially delighted when in July at a yearly conference my coworkers and I attend for the Oklahoma College Public Relations Association, that this booklet won Gold for the brochure category (and that the wrestling poster linked above, also won gold). It isn't why I do what I do, but it never hurts the ol' self esteem to be recognized for your hard work. And it certainly doesn't hurt when trying to get over being shy about your work.

Hopefully next year I will have even more pieces to enter that I am proud of.



katherine said...

those are really neat, angela! you're quite talented :)

Alicia said...

your work is amazing! you should definitely NOT be shy about it! ;)

Sini said...

Wow, these are great! You don't have any reason to be shy about your work :)

angelarenai said...

That is so sweet thank you guys! I have a whole batch of other work I hope to post up in the future. :)

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