Wednesday, October 20, 2010

108 breaths.

Meditation (Mala) Beads
108 Mala beads. A gift my boyfriend brought back for me from Singapore when we first started dating.
The number of beads on the Mala is meant to help keep track of breaths or mantras done when practicing.

Sometimes things come along right at the times we need them.
Just when you have lost faith in happiness, faith in kindness and compassion.
Life proves you all wrong.

You never saw it coming.
And it's better than anything you were planning.

I always thought that if something wasn't happening...
well then gosh darn it I would make it happen.
It is how I approach most things in life.
It works out well with a career, goals, dreams.

But there are two things I know for sure don't work this way.
Love and Growth.
I am glad I sat still in the quiet long enough to let them find me.
Counting my breaths.
Instead of continuing to circle the labyrinth in vain.


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