Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not always clean. Not always girly.

Campaign for the NAIA National Wrestling Championships held at Oklahoma City University

I would say that most of the time my creative work is unapologetically clean, and unapologetically feminine. But this was a project that really forced me to grow in a different direction, so I thought I would share. For this project my concept was a fight club. I wanted it to reflect the blood, sweat and tears it takes to achieve athletic victory, especially in the case of wrestling.

Have you guys ever had any projects, work or otherwise, that really forced you to step outside of your comfort zone?



J and K said...

When I was working on the Hornets I would pretend like I was a boy. Designing for a sports team.

It worked. I'll call it method-designing.

angelarenai said...

Method-designing is a good term for it. I definitely had to step outside my own brand to do this one. But it was still fun and I didnt have to make anything I didnt like. But athletics design is hard for us feminine gals fo sho!

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