Friday, May 14, 2010

Recent-ish Thrifting Scores

Recent-ish thrifting finds.

I have had this photo sitting on my desktop for a while now and I realized I never blogged about my luckiest thrifting trip of all. :)

Clockwise from the upper left:
UNWORN brown maryjane VERA WANG heels (best. score. ever.)
Nikon mug :)
Danish style saucepan
Colorful vintage tulip bag
Brown leather breifcase-ish vintage bag
Wooden leaf bracelet
Brown brazilian leather wedge sandals
Unworn black Nine West flats

That was one of my best thrifting days to say the least. I haven't gone thrifting in a while since then because I've been so busy, and my funds have been tied up with other things. But I would like to go again soon. I miss sharing my finds with everyone.

What has been your best/favorite thrifting find?



Megan-Joy said...

I'm jealous of every single item. Vera Wang Mary Janes?!

I love the new header!

Alicia said...

wow great thriftiness! you go girl! :)

briannelee said...

Love those shoes and purses!!!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Love the Danish saucepan and those new shoes... lucky girl... ;)

angelarenai said...

Thanks for looking guys, my extreme thriftyness really paid off on this trip. I need to go again soon. I miss it.

And thank you Megan for noticing the new header!

Sini said...

You have found great things! I'm quite bad at that, either i think everything is way too expencive, or i dont feel like searching through all the piles of stuff.

miles Laird said...

is that a danish saucepan or a fondue pot?

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