Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gratitude Mondays - Artistic collaboration with friends

Kidnapped in Dreamy Llama Country
Kidnapped In Dreamy Llama Country. Click to see the photos. http://quickmechanism.com/kidnapping/

I am not good at this whole blogging thing due to my ADD inherited trait of getting my days mixed up. Oh well. I guess the whole point is to be grateful once a week right? :)

Anyway. I would like to say I am grateful for my friends affording me the opportunities to be part of their creative projects. For me, being creative all alone isn't nearly as much fun as having someone there to bounce ideas off of, have fun with, and occasionally i get to be the guinea pig, which is always fun. 

My friend Derek Doublin took this set of pictures of me back in July. He tells me more are on the way, which I can't wait to see. He drug me out to Jones, Oklahoma to take these pics and it was a blast. Some were taken at the local swap meet, some in the middle of nowhere. I have to say, since I've been taking pictures for a while it was nice to be in front of the camera for a while instead of behind it. Derek is truly a wonderful artist and very good at what he does. 

Derek also has a website and poetry blog:

Just another thing to be thankful for. 


briannelee said...

These are so cool!

I love reading your blog. Start blogging more :)

angelarenai said...

Thank you!

And i knoowwww. i feel so guilty about not blogging more. I guess inbetween photoshoot posts I am going to start posting up more inspiration. Photo, design, and interior design inspiration. I feel i owe an apology to the whole 3 people that read this. haha. sorry guys.

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