Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ghouls Gone Wild.

Halloween is right around the corner! But I've practically been celebrating all month long. It is my favorite holiday.

So for some reason in OKC everyone decided to have the Halloween events the weekend before Halloween, which kind of defies logic to me. But I was also secretly happy about it because I feel like I get to celebrate Halloween longer. :)

The only problem was the costume. I hadn't made mine yet! So at the last minute I decided I was going to participate in our Halloween Parade that was started by The Flaming Lips 3 years ago. This was the third year that, as a finale of the Halloween parade, they round up 1000+ people to dress up as skeletons and march the parade with flaming torches (with real fire), called "March of a Thousand Flaming Skeletons". While Wayne Coyne follows behind in a giant hamster-ball-like spacebubble. It's quite a spectacle if you have never seen it. And me and my friend Christa decided to be a part of it this year.

I managed to bring my camera and snap a few pictures. It was extremely dark at the parade so it was kind of hard not to get blurry shots, but some of the longer shutter speed pics came out pretty fun.

Needless to say, even friends we have known for years didn't recognize us.

DSC_1018E Ghouls Gone Wild
Doing the make-up was a challenge and well, pretty fun.

DSC_1012E DSC_1030E
The line when we got there was so long. Inside Wayne was commanding the masses of skeletons.

Standing in line for our torches, I snapped a couple of pics of the insane lights and inflatable costumes that were to be surrounding Wayne and his Spacebubble.

DSC_1051E DSC_1064E
The floats ranged from the creepy, to the whimsical.

DSC_1088E DSC_1055E
So did the costumes. (yes, that is me on the left.)

My torch.

DSC_1091E DSC_1098E
Christa looking sinister. Along with the rest of the skeletons behind us.

Then of course I had to start playing with my camera. Long shutter speeds are too much fun when there are torches around.

DSC_1102E DSC_1101E
Halos. And lines.

We were starting to march. This was our first curve around a corner. I loved the movement in this shot.

DSC_1114E DSC_1111E
You can very vaguely see the crowd to the side. The walk was nearly 2 miles and the sidewalks were packed the whole way down.

DSC_1112E DSC_1116E
Before I knew it, the march was over, so I turned around and snapped that picture of the skeletons walking towards me, going back as far as the horizon.

The photographers all gathered around to try to get shots of Wayne.

DSC_1120E DSC_1123E
Then Wayne emerged from his Spacebubble, and was sped away in a golf cart.

So we walked back to McNellies to have a drink and plan the rest of our evening.

Happy Halloween guys. Hope you have a good one. :)



briannelee said...

Fun!!!! That must have been really cool parade to be a part of.

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

Your make up is fantastic - and I love the little gingham top you're wearing under your skeleton costume!

briannelee said...

I have nominated you for a blog award. Check it out :)

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