Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday Thrifting.

I have hundreds of photos I havent uploaded yet. I'm a bad blogger. 

Anyway. I figured I would upload some shots from my iphone of my saturday thrifting trip. I find thrift store shopping so therapeutic. Even if I dont end up buying anything, I love to go look at the old scratched up mid century furniture, big ugly sweaters, various outdated electronics, the people, kitschy coffee mugs, grandma decorations, bizarre framed photographs of dogs dressed in costumes, etc. You never know what you are going to find there to gawk at. Sometimes it isn't even about what you find, it's just the process of finding it that is fun. 

But my favorite part of all is stumbling upon gems there. 
I completely fell in love with these boots. Ill post up soon the details on them cause they were such a good find. $12

new boots
red slouchy ankle boots. $8

denim janes.
Then of course we found matching outfits to hit the town in. Ok not really. This was more a gawking moment more than anything. That is another thing. Who you bring with you to thrift store shop is really a key ingredient. Bring someone with you that has no sense of humor or adventure and you could really end up miserable. I luv muh frins. Christa is now one of my new fav thrifting buddies. 



"Write that Down!!" said...

23rd and Meridian?

My favorite is the coffee cups. What people consider as something that represents them of the time. "World's Best Secretary!" or "Over the Hill" or the mushroom/owls with lots of orange and gun metal green. How many cups of coffee have they seen!!!? I guess that's why I have so many.

angelarenai said...

I know! I have so many cute mugs from the thrift store! I always end up buying the most colorful ones i can find. "hawaii" ones or ones with some sort of 60/70s flower prints. The location ones are a particular fav. San Francisco, australia, etc.

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