Monday, August 31, 2009

Garage Sale. 47th and Military.

So now an update about the garage sale I mentioned in the previous post. Cassie and the other gals didn't get to come after all, but I decided to go anyway and hang with Christine and her husband. They have only been married for two months and just bought a house. The house came with a bunch of extra stuff from the previous owner, so they decided to clear out some clutter with a garage sale. And I was there because, well, I have packrat tendencies and needed to get rid of stuff asap!

A mix of both our stuff.

My bins complete with homemade silly signs. ;)

I brought the Andre and they provided the orange juice. 

Some of Christine's things. Stuff left from previous owners of the house mixed with leftovers from their wedding. 

I loved these ladies. They stopped by 3 times! That black and white striped top she is wearing is one of the ones she bought from me. So cute on her. She was wearing it with little black leggings. They were so fun I just had to get a pic. 

Then it was time for a nerdy strategy game in the front lawn on a blanket. Also. Notice the color of their house. They chose it. Isn't it BRAVE and ADORABLE? I loved it. 

I actually started winning there for a little while. 

Blush andre with pom juice. So yummy! Owl necklace compliments of my grandma.

I kept making jokes about this game being nerdy but it was actually really fun!

I really loved this photo of them. Maybe it's the candidness. 

I made about 30 bucks overall but it was more about the fun. But I did have some stuff left over so I am thinking I am going to have another sale next weekend and invite the gals who couldn't make it. We will see. 



briannelee said...

I love yard sales! I have been trying to convince my bf to have one, but he says it is weird b/c we live in an apartment.

Yes, I have Flickr. I just added you as a contact. That is actually how I found your blog... through the Nifty Thrift pool :)

angelarenai said...

Oh beautiful! I love that group! I am finally starting to get the hang of flickr and its so much fun, i dont know why i didnt do it before!

Well if you know anyone with a house you should convince them to have it at their place! It was a lot of fun.

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