Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trip to Rhode Island. Part 1.

Because I am in the process of editing hundreds of photos from my trip, I thought that I would slowly post them as the progression goes a long instead of having one giant mega post. 

I recently went to Rhode Island to visit an Aunt and Uncle of mine and to attend my cousin's wedding. I designed the wedding invites, so it only seemed natural that I should attend the wedding, right? My Aunt Annie is the younger sister of my father. She lived in Germany most of my childhood so I never really got to know her as a kid, I would just hear these vague stories about her, and every once in a while be told that I slightly resembled her. 

Anyway we recently got reacquainted during a visit she made to Oklahoma. For me, and for my brother as well, the passing of our father has made our time with his brothers and sisters all the more special for us. I am glad I had the opportunity to go visit and be a part of the special celebration of the marriage of my cousin. 

So there is the background story on that...


Unfortunately when I arrived in Rhode Island the battery for my camera was dead. So I wasn't able to snap any photos until the next morning. This is the scene I awoke to the next morning with a newly charged camera battery. My Aunt Annie (Nana to baby Leon) putting her new grandson to nap. It is just too beautiful of a scene not to share. I was able to snap this through the crack in the door when she wasn't looking. It's lovely the things you capture when no one is looking.

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