Thursday, July 2, 2009

Before Rehearsal.

A few random pics before they were off to rehearse (and I was off to play around the pier).

Meet the cuz. Philip. Groom to be. Yes. He made this face in most of the photos. We are indeed related. 

Meet 17 month old Leon. Son of the Bride to be, Christin, who is standing behind. This was baby Leon's reaction to the sound of my camera shutter going off. 

Clinging tightly to Trac-tor (everything with wheels is tractor) as the fascination with my camera grew. Wait...for it... wait.. for it...

Yup. There it is. Luckily he responded very well to me telling him "Nein".  Oh yes. That's another thing....

All the while I thought he was speaking babytalk to me and a few baby words...turns out as a result of his mother being a native German....

He was actually speaking German... no.. not babytalk... saying words like "please" "thank you" "open" "let me see" "grandpa" "food" etc.... Hello Angela. He is a German baby. He speaks German. Oh yeah and some English too. Cause thats how they do it over there in Europe. 

Papa and Trac-tor (pronounced just like that). Gah. Look at that face. How do you say "Nein" to that face?

Groom to be and best-man to be. Couple of army guys smokin' in the back yard. 

Uncle Merle. Or wait here let's practice our German. This is "Opa" to baby Leon. :)


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