Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Testing out my new Camera.

So as you may have seen, I got a new toy, and I'm hoping it might just inspire me to update this thing more often

Do to my other camera crapping out, I decided it was time to finally get myself a new camera, a digital SLR. 

I have been wanting one for some time. When I first moved to Edmond to go to school, I started out as a photography major. But quickly found out that apparently ...I am an academic masochist ...and wanted to do Graphic Design instead because it was really challenging to me (aka my design professors kicked my ass daily)... And that I would keep photography as a hobby for later down the road. So I guess I just did that very thing by purchasing a new camera. A reconditioned Nikon D80 from B&H. 

Text-only blogs have always bored me. I know that as a visual person, I want to see the pikshas! So not having a camera has kept me pretty darn uninspired as far as updating the blog goes. So hopefully the whole 3 people that read this will now have something more interesting to feast their eyes on from here forward.

In fact, I think I'll update again right now.


ps. These photos taken this weekend by Erich VonBargen

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Erich said...

you're a wonderful muse.

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