Sunday, June 28, 2009

Greer's Bday celebration at Lake Tenkiller

The weekend before last was my friend Greer's Bday weekend. She had just gotten back from Hawaii and decided she wanted a lil time away with some close friends. So we decided to make a road trip of it. Of course I had just gotten my new camera just a few days before so I figured it was a perfect time to test it out. 

This was a test shot of the road on the way there. I probably took about 20 shots before I got an exposure I was happy with. I was still getting used to setting up all my manual settings again. I hadn't used a camera capable of manual settings in years. It was tricky getting the road to show up without the sky being completely overexposed. 

Upon further inspection of the contents of Erich's suitcase, this is what was found. Note the Emergen-C. Because he likes to stay healthy and all. This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the weekend. 

And another test shot. One of many.

This is what sunroofs are for.

Converse sneaks that have been around the world. Took me a while to get that exposure as well. 


A lil self portrait.

The first thing I saw when we got out on the deck of the lakehouse. 

The deck we spent all weekend on.


I think Greer may have been having a good time.

Erich sneaked this one.

My favorite photo of the weekend. I love sunset light.

And there it goes. 

Time to make incredibly strong pitcher of shots to be had all weekend.

And play some pool.

Next morning early sun.

A heartwarming gift Shelly got from Chris. (pictured above)

Ah the weekend.


Then I got to test out my new remote I got for my camera

And once Chenoa got there, we were off to spend the day on the boat.

And this is why I hand the camera off to friends from time to time. :)

When the boat was anchored. This is what we did. And this is how the photos from my last post were taken. 

Chenoa and Greer were the only ones who successfully wakeskated. 

Only in oklahoma do you get to see skies like this. 


Then I experimented with getting the perfect silhouettes against those gorgeous skies

And then Erich made the most perfect blueberry pancakes the next morning to fuel us on our journey back home. The perfect end to a weekend. 


Erich said...

greer and chenoa were the only ones able to wakeskate? ahem...first try...ahem.

Aura said...

Oh, how I love summertime. The black and white ones of Greer are so cute.

angelarenai said...

Thank you! Those were my favorites as well! She is so photogenic...

Oh and OOPS Erich Ill be sure to change that in an edit real quick...


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