Sunday, April 12, 2009


Went to my friend Cary's Aunt's house for easter. Amazing home. I am full of champagne, lasagna, peach pie, and laughs. 

Her Aunt started off the prayer with "Oh big-time creator". Ha.

Good times.


Jeremy and Kathleen said...

You are too cute. I have a photo of the photo in that last photo! (photo, photo, photo!) I saw it at the Philbrook in Tulsa.

angelagolightly said...

Yeah she was telling me where she bought that photo but i cant remember. Apparently buying the rights to it was pretty expensive? I wish I would have gotten a picture of the giant 50s photograph of these two kids watching tv she had in her tv room (printed on canvas). So cool.

I didn't bring my camera that day so i didnt get a chance to get photos of everything. They had just redone their entire house. It was amazing.

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