Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue goes Green & Recycling Posters

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A couple of recent posters I did for work. We are starting a campus wide recycling program and needed a promotional poster, and a poster to hang above the recycle bins. 

The one at the top is for the recycling bins, they wanted the logo (that i didnt design) to be the focal point because that is going to be the symbol on the bins and they want the students to become very familiar with it. 

The one below is the one promoting/informing about the campus organization that is responsible for developing/moving these projects forward (also: Our school mascot is the star and our color is blue, hence my concept of a blue star becoming a green tree). 

So far this has been my favorite project to work on. 

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robot said...

i'm so proud of you, goodbear. tons of pages of free brushes.
(click on the brushes tab at the top for more)


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